Code Duet

Pair up with software developers all over the world and build awesome projects! Right now!

Code Duet is a community for software makers who love pair programming, or who are curious to discover it. It helps you find a co-pilot for your fun project in 5 minutes. Or you can join other enthusiasts and code together!


The next time you are up to some side-coding, just share it with Code Duet!



Join the Gitter chat and follow these instructions. You will be coding just in a few minutes.

How to post

All you need to do is to post a message looking like this:

I'll be writing a notification dashboard for Github in Elm for a couple of hours. Join me to learn some Elm. Google Hangouts.

Once someone requests you for pairing by replying to your message, DM him with your communication info. Please, make sure to write something like "Found." to the chat, to let others know.

If you haven't found anyone within 20-30 minutes, you are free to re-post the original message.

If nobody is joining you, but you see other people looking for a co-pilot, consider joining them!

How to join

Look at the messages posted during the last 20-30 minutes. If you see someone you would like to join, just reply to his message with something like "I'm up to it!"

Wait for him to send you his communication info with a DM.

It's fine to ask questions related to the subject of the session in this chat.

Join and enjoy your session!


If you need any help, have some feedback, or just want to discuss your latest session, please join!


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